​A recent story in The Wall Street Journal included our client, WinnCompanies, and its purchase the Sibley Building in the heart of downtown Rochester, NY. Sibley's anchor tenant, Monroe Community College (MCC), is a state school with about 3,000 students attending the downtown campus. An increasing student body and a desire for room to expand have led the officials of MCC to look elsewhere to house their campus. A deal was proposed in November by MCC to move their facilities to the Kodak complex to lease a large portion of the 1.5 million-square-foot campus. So why is the mayor of Rochester against this move? Over the past three years, the city of Rochester has spent over $75 million in public funds to develop infrastructure for a large project converting a large mall across from the Sibley Building to offices and apartments. With this high price tag, the mayor isn't keen on spending more public funds of moving a school into a new facility. What is a solution for this increase in spending? Keep MCC where it is. WinnCompanies, which specializes in historic renovations and redevelopment, has proposed an expansion plan that would save the city roughly $18 million companies to having MCC move into the Kodak Complex. On February 12 the Monroe County Legislature voted in favor of the move to the Kodak Complex despite disapproval from the mayor and an alternative plan set forth by Winn. Winn still believes Sibley is the best option for MCC students and will move forward with the proposal to renovate the Sibley Building.