The technological world is a place where interpersonal relationships become lost behind the screens of phones, tablets and computers. Removing technology is certainly not the answer. Rather, we should use technology to enhance communication.

What types of technologies are out there to accomplish this? For starters, the biggest news out of Microsoft has been the announcement of Windows 10, set to release July 29th. Microsoft is also set to release their new Surface Hub later this year, which is powered by Windows 10.

The Surface Hub, with either a 55-inch or 85-inch screen, is the type of technology that will encourage interpersonal relationships instead of impeding them. Surface Hub is a tool that can be used to enhance how individuals communicate and collaborate with one another. Features such as Ink and Touch are tailored to facilitate the process of writing and editing. Ink is like writing pen to paper, while Touch allows multiple people to interact with the screen simultaneously. There is also the capability through Skype Business to bring individuals together from the entire world over a variety of devices such as laptops, tablets and phones. Meetings will become more personal with face-to-face screen communication, while being able to directly look at content at the same time.

Microsoft is doing its part to merge technology with personal communication. Meetings now have the ability to be more than a conference call, encouraging effortless interaction that can build relationships, creativity and communication between groups.