This week Google announced the restructuring of its company into Alphabet. So what exactly is Alphabet? It is a new holding company for Google and the various sub-companies that veer from Google’s focus on Internet products, such as driverless cars and drone-delivery.

What will happen to the Google brand? It’s hard to tell, given its prominence. A striking example is how people refer to searching the web. Instead of saying, “I’m going to search something on the Internet,” most people say, “I’m going to Google it.” ‘Google’ is even listed as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary. That’s a pretty powerful brand.

Looking more into Alphabet, its goal isn’t to become a consumer brand company, but to give each sub-company the power to build its own brand independently. I believe this may make the Google brand stronger. Instead of Google’s brand being associated with projects such as longevity research, it will be recognized for what it has always been known for—the Internet. Google will continue to be the face of Android, Search, YouTube, Maps and Ads, without the other projects diluting the brand. This leaves Google with more of a focus, instead of side projects here, there, and everywhere.

Although I see Google maintaining its brand without complications in the short-term, as Alphabet establishes itself more and drives dictionary-worthy innovation in new areas of our lives, will consumers start to lose sight of the name Google? Only time will tell. For now though, Google is Google. It just lives in a house name Alphabet.