I started the day yesterday listening to the eloquence of outgoing Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who even after eight years in office, is willing to let his humanity define him. He has a way with words as he does with people, which was evident from some of the great quotes he left us all with at the SMC Presents event. Among them – “We whisper justice and shout anger. We need to shout justice.” 

Or in talking about government and politics in Massachusetts, he said: “The dynamic here is not Democrat or Republican but insider versus outsider.  The meek need a voice just as the mighty.” 

Or about the Massachusetts economy: “We’re learning to collaborate and commercialize our brainpower which is our advantage.” Wouldn’t it be great if all our politicians could be as insightful and optimistic?!

And then I got a copy of this article about Rhode Island State Representative-Elect Aaron Regunberg. Yes, he is my nephew, but it gives me hope that a new generation is willing to step up and get involved in the political process for all the right reasons – for small “d” democracy – by the people, for the people. This is not a light lift, especially in what is arguably one of the most politically cynical states in the nation. My hope is that, by being truly willing to reach out and to listen to those he represents, my nephew can begin to change the way government is viewed in Providence, Rhode Island. 

My hats off to the Governor leaving office and to the State Representative taking office.