We are only two weeks in to 2014 and already the digital industry has released multiple newsworthy milestones. Not up to speed? Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

  1. The Golden Globes were a hot topic this weekend (even though it seems many of the stars could use some media training), and Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio took home the gold for social media buzz. They were the most talked about on Facebook, according to Mashable, for their wins and for their style. Lawrence was especially popular on social media for her photo bomb of Taylor Swift which went viral on Instagram. What does this tell us about the social media world? Humor and shock will always win.
  2. Snapchat has faced a series of crises in the last two weeks in which the CEO, Evan Spiegel, was reluctant to apologize for. After finally apologizing for a security breach affected over 4.6 million users, Spiegel’s young age shone through as the digital world was disappointed in his crisis management abilities. Snapchat recently apologized again for excessive spam. Brands have been increasingly joining Snapchat raising the question if personal use will quickly fade. My guess? Snapchat needs to learn to manage its crises in a way that repairs damage to its reputation amongst its users. They’re already at two strikes; three strikes, they’re out.
  3. Facebook announced that it will be shutting down sponsored stories later this year. Privacy advocates have been against this form of advertising for years, and Facebook has finally given in to the multiple law suits against them. Though information on Facebook will likely never been fully private, users’ check-ins, interest, and likes will now be less viewable as advertisements. How should your brand adapt to the change? Social ads are inevitable, so I suggest you comprise a new advertising tactic to get your name out there!
  4. Google unveiled controversial privacy settings that link Google+ profiles and Google together (which if you are unaware, Gmail users automatically have a Google+ profile). Anyone can now send messages to your Gmail inbox even if they don’t have your email address. If you have over 1000 followers on Google+ however, this feature doesn’t apply to you. So, if you don’t want excessive amounts of email spam, build out your Google+ profile and start connecting! (a very clever tactic by Google to get their social network more popular, if you ask me!).