Six months ago, I traded the treadmill for a pair of boxing gloves and started working out at a boxing gym. After dealing with a persistent running injury and just plain being bored with my routine, I figured training like a boxer would be a nice change of pace.

What I didn’t expect was for my workout routine to influence how I approach my work in public relations. Here’s what I’ve applied to my day job—hopefully you’ll learn something from it too.

Breathe through it: If boxers held their breath when throwing punches or trying to outmaneuver their competition, they’d pass out before the end of the round. Whether you’re struggling to find the right angle or don’t know where your next Tweet will come from, breathe. Take a second to strategize and coordinate your next step forward.

Protect yourself (or your client): Whenever you throw a punch, you open yourself up for a hit. When dealing with a crisis and tossing out punches, recognize where you’re leaving yourself vulnerable. Do your best to protect that spot or subject so you can stay in the fight for the long haul.

Think beyond the fists: Or arms. To truly be powerful in the ring or in PR, your whole body (or organization) has to be involved. Traditional media, social media, and all the other tools available to your organization have to be utilized to make your competitor feel the hits you land.

Progress steadily: Six months into my new routine and I still wouldn’t enter the ring for a fight. But I can tell I’m getting stronger and the strategies and movements come easier than they did when I started. It’s the same thing for public relations. Build your relationships. Start small, if you must. Eventually, you’ll be ready for the main event.