McDonald’s recently rolled out All-Day Breakfast nationally as part of its latest business strategy. Fast food sales have declined steadily in recent years as Americans look for healthier meal options. However, McDonald’s remains the leader in market share for breakfast restaurants across the country, with menu items like Egg McMuffins accounting for 18 percent of its total restaurant sales. The company predicts that the offer will help boost sales 2.5 percent annually, which was likely the key motivator in the decision to serve breakfast all day.

The move certainly garnered a lot of buzz with national media placements including Time, Fortune and BuzzFeed. But McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast communications strategy was truly impressive as it incorporated multiple social media channels. There were a few posts about it on the chain’s Facebook page, and a series of GIFs were promoted throughout the day on Twitter:

McDonald’s competitors fired a few shots back using their own Twitter handles, which is the mark of a truly successful Twitter campaign:

However, where McDonald’s truly won was in its use of Snapchat. The chain used its Snapchat Story to announce the arrival of all-day breakfast:

Screenshot_2015-10-06-18-45-26     Screenshot_2015-10-06-18-45-48     Screenshot_2015-10-06-18-45-57

They asked users to send in snaps of their breakfast:


Most notably, they took advantage of one of the main features of Snapchat—the timestamp filter—to create an organic marketing experience:

Screenshot_2015-10-06-22-30-40     Screenshot_2015-10-06-22-30-53

The lesson PR pros can learn from McDonald’s is that content needs to feel native to the platform you are using. It doesn’t need to be perfectly edited or branded with your logo. Don’t over-complicate content creation. Determine who you are trying to reach, figure out where they spend their time, then learn how they share content on that platform. McDonald’s has been active on Snapchat for quite some time now, becoming a model for marketers on Snapchat. They use the app primarily for brand building and story telling, sharing contests, promotions, celebrity takeovers, behind the scenes moments, and more. It may seem daunting, but you don’t need to be a large CPG brand to engage Snapchat’s coveted 18-24 age demographic.

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