There’s been a lot of chatter on how Twitter can increase active members ever since Instagram surpassed Twitter in monthly users in December. Twitter and Instagram are two very different platforms. Twitter is a social networking site that is facilitates communications between users and their followers through tweets. Instagram primarily uses photo and video sharing for users to communicate with their followers. Personally, I use Twitter to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the news, with my friends, and current trends, while Instagram allows me to post pictures of my friends, the delicious food I’m eating, and the beauty that surrounds me in the Boston area. I was shocked when I found out that Instagram’s active users were significantly higher than Twitter’s engaged audience.


With the recent launch of Twitter’s new homepage, I have faith that Twitter can make a comeback. Here’s what you need to know about the new design:


  • Gone are the days when users have to go to the Twitter homepage and only be presented with a login prompt. Now, instead of a dead-end homepage, people who aren’t logged into Twitter see a variety of topics when they arrive at the page. These topics range from general news to music and blogs.


  • People are able to click on any of these topics, which leads them to a section of tweets from popular accounts related to that topic. This gives non-users the same experience that people with accounts get– they see real, important content to them that they are interested in.


By giving people a chance to see what Twitter has to offer directly on the homepage, Twitter is giving non-users an initial taste of the platform to “hook” people into logging in and using the site. Twitter has said that more than 500 million people visit its network monthly without logging in, so it’s possible Twitter may one day soon have more active users than Instagram.