Within the past week there has been a slew of articles highlighting the biggest news stories of 2013 according to specific social media networks. While there is some overlap, it is important to realize that each platform values newsworthy events differently.

The top Facebook trends of 2013 reveal the U.S. is focused on popular national events rather than news worldwide. The Superbowl ranked number one as the most talked about topic on Facebook, while the birth of the Royal Baby ranked at number eight.

What does this mean about what to share on Facebook?

In case you missed it, Facebook now favors high-quality articles over memes in its news feed algorithm. In short, you need to share strong content that gets people talking. Context is key and in order to drive engagement users need a reason to click and share. Check out our previous post for tips on adapting to the news feed change.

Mashable posted this article revealing the biggest news of 2013 as told on Instagram. While milestone events such as President Obama swearing in for his second term or Pope Francis being announced as the new Pope were popular on Instagram this year, the picture sharing platform also recognizes pop culture events as newsworthy.

How can you determine what is appropriate and popular for Instagram?

Instagram is all about capturing the moment and reliving precious and memorable events. A picture from the nosebleeds seats at the Superbowl may not get great engagement, but an adorable picture of baby North West or a delicious Cronut will.

AMAs (Ask Me Anything) is unique to Reddit and proved to drive its highest engagement throughout 2013. An AMA with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and astronaut Chris Hadfield were the most “newsworthy” posts on Reddit this year proving that interaction and engagement is truly what drives its content.

So how do I get my brand out there on Reddit?

On Reddit it’s the content that drives the action, not the piece of news. Have an opinion and be ready to share it. Redditors are passionate and are great at sharing stories. Want more tips? Check out our previous post on getting started.