Your career is arguably one of the most important pieces of your life. Since it takes up such a large chunk of your time, it’s important to love what you do and find excitement in returning to it every day.  As a PR professional, I have a lot to love, and I list the aspects of a career in PR that I’m most thankful for below:

  • It’s fast-paced – Whether it’s running from meeting to phone call, organizing and attending an event, or brainstorming with colleagues, working in public relations is always fast-paced.  The days fly by, you’re never bored, and it strengthens (and eventually perfects!) your time management skills. 
  • It’s multifaceted – Every hour, sometimes every minute, you’re doing something new.  This feature of the profession is especially true in an agency, as you’re often working with different clients that may have very different missions and goals and even operate in different industries. A typical daily to-do list will be filled with a wide variety of tasks from writing, phone calls, social media, note-taking, interviews, and everything in between. 
  • It’s challenging – The multifaceted nature of public relations makes it incredibly challenging, forcing you to go outside your comfort zone every single day.  It opens the path to incredible personal and team growth, and you find yourself accomplishing tasks you never knew you could.  In this industry, your brain is always on full speed ahead, and with great challenge comes great reward.
  • It’s creative – The PR industry allows you to embrace creativity.  In fact, the most successful PR is often built on it.  From writing a press release to launching a campaign, creativity sets you and your client apart from the rest, so it’s essential to think outside-the-box.     
  • It’s all about interaction – The absolute biggest reason I’m thankful to work in PR is the people.  Every day, you interact with an incredibly broad range of people.  Whether it’s working with clients, colleagues, or one of your clients’ key constituent groups, you have the opportunity to hear different views and experiences that make your day incredibly rich and meaningful.     

What five things are you most thankful for, whether in your life or in your career?