Google Chrome tops the list of the most popular web browsers, beating out Firefox and Internet Explorer. While Chrome’s ease of use makes it a popular choice, it can be beneficial your work day in other ways by using Google Chrome extensions. These extensions are simply small programs that you download to your Chrome browser and are used to boost the functionality and add more features to your browser experience.

Here are five extensions to help you during the work day:


  1. Google Mail Checker

Do you send and receive emails nonstop on a daily basis? In the PR world you do. With this extension, you can see how many unread emails you have in your Gmail inbox without having to physically check it yourself.

  1. Grammerly

Mistakes happen and can often go overlooked. Enter Grammerly, which is the extension to save you from grammatical errors and even improves the quality of your writing. Another good thing about this extension is that you can also use it on social media. No more Tweets deleted after you catch a typo.

  1. Simple Blocker

Simple Blocker prevents you from getting distracted from the domains that tempt you to procrastinate by banning your browser from accessing your website guilty pleasure of choice for a given amount of time. No more–off to work you go!

  1. OneTab

Have way too many tabs open? This great extension helps you feel less overwhelmed and allows your computer move a little faster. OneTab simply takes all of the tabs you have opened and puts them in a list by date.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop has you covered should you need to access your work computer (or any other computer) remotely. You can also easily do screen shares with clients.


What Chrome extensions do you use to make your work life easier?