From commercial to residential, one noticeable trend in Real Estate is how those in the industry are increasingly relying on technology to meet their business goals. Here are a few companies that are taking advantage of this opportunity:


coUrbanize, a Kendall Square-based startup, “helps communities, municipalities, and real estate developers build better cities together.” The app encourages stakeholders to give feedback on real estate development and community planning efforts. The app recently partnered with the city of Cambridge, Mass. to post summaries and details of 42 projects in the permitting process or that are under construction. The partnership allows Cambridge residents to stay informed and involved in the land-use planning process. The partnership has enhanced public documents with street locations and brief summaries, simplifying them for the general public.

A few Boston University grad students saw an opportunity and are developing a site designed to simplify the subletting process for students, who often don’t stick around for a full 12-month lease. By using their .edu email address, students can sign up and post an advertisement for their apartment or room that they’re trying to sublet. College students from across the city are free to search and express interest in subletting the places posted. Expect a full launch of this site in Spring 2016.

Zillow, the online real estate database founded in 2006, has been a go-to location for individuals looking for a new place to live or rent. Most recently, the site released a new app to help agents close more deals with advertising. In a statement, the CEO noted that agents face challenges with smartphones and need a process and technology to help them meet consumer expectations. This app gives real estate agents new capabilities to interact with potential clients, such as news alerts and a quick response toolbar, all designed to give richer, more detailed information to their contacts.

Those are just a few examples of companies using technology to stay ahead in the real estate industry. Is there an app you just can’t live without? Share it with us on Twitter @solomonmccown!