The world of healthcare PR can be more complex than many other areas of focus due to HIPAA laws, policy change and medical crisis situations. News updates can happen hourly as different issues arise, so sorting through information can be a bit overwhelming at times. Thankfully, some of the top healthcare outlets provide daily newsletter updates sent straight to your inbox every day. Whether you’re just getting started in the healthcare world, or need a new source for your news, the outlets below provide excellent, well-balanced updates.

Inside Health Policy: This is a fee-based newsletter that provides updates on health reform, Congress, Medicare, drug pricing, and food safety. It provides morning headlines to keep you on top of critical news as you begin your day, and sends an additional update in the afternoon. You can also sign up for the outlet’s other newsletters, including the “Health Exchange Alert” which provides daily news and analysis on the top issues in health care reform and federal and state requirements for the health insurance exchanges, and “Inside CMS,” which discusses the ins and outs of Medicare and Medicaid.

Kaiser Health News (KHN): The newsletter subscription is free, and KHN provides a daily report on in-depth coverage of health care policy and politics. The KHN articles are unbiased and make digesting complex healthcare issues easy.

Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) Media Watch: MMS has a number of newsletters, but the “MMS Media Watch” provides a comprehensive overview of the top healthcare news, broken down into three sections – Massachusetts, state-specific news and national news. Other versions of MMS’s newsletters include: policy coverage with MMS Health Policy Watch, a weekly roundup of the top news coverage with Vital Signs This Week and insurance information with MMS Payer Watch.

Which newsletters or outlets are your go-to sources for news updates? Let us know on Twitter at @SMCHealthPR.