TGIF social media gurus! The digital communications world is growing and just when you thought you were running out of ways to communicate with your friends they bring you more. Check out what happened this week:

But first, let me take a selfie. Facebook’s messenger app, Messenger, was updated on Monday so that users can now take pictures and videos right within the app. Don’t worry—now you can also send pictures and videos from your camera roll. Social networks are trying to make it as easy as possible for users to share content and stay interactive in the app.

All because of a pigeon? r/PhotoshopBattles is a major Reddit subreddit where the best of the best come together to have photoshop wars. When a picture of a pigeon attacking a woman was submitted, the photoshop gurus battled it out to see who could be the most creative. The woman’s face and her pigeon attacker are cleverly twisted into famous art pieces, from the Mona Lisa and Banksy.

Is Twitter old news? Over the past year Twitter’s stock fell drastically. Their image and video sharing have not caught on with many users. In order for them to make their way back up the ladder they need to be able to reach as many people as possible and be able to keep them within the app for the longest period of time. They are planning to create “whisper mode” where users can send another person’s tweet to their friend right within the app and without other users knowing.

Try being anonymous on Facebook. We’ve all been there. You download the newest app and it immediately takes you to the login screen. Your options are to either manually sign up or sign in through Facebook with the click of a button. It says that they will not post on your behalf, but do you really believe it? Apparently a lot of people don’t because they recently announced the Anonymous Login option where users can log in through Facebook, but aren’t giving out as much information about their profile.

Snapchat lives up to its name. With the most recent update, Snapchat now gives users the ability to chat through text or video with their friends. Like original Snapchat photos, the text conversation will disappear once users leave the chat screen. If you want to video chat someone you both have to be in the chat screen and actively using the app. Tracie Schroeder, a high-school teacher, claimed that this update was the most disruptive thing in his classroom for the last 16 years. After he started to take phones away, one girl went as far as hiding under the table! We’re sure she snapchatted the whole experience.

Check us out next week for the next roundup!