Happy Friday! You’ve made it through the first full week of May and it’s time to catch up on all your digital news! Check out our recap:

  1. You can now add to your Amazon shopping cart via Twitter. That’s right, folks. All you have to do is add the hashtag #AmazonCart (and link your Twitter and Amazon accounts) and then like magic, the item will show up in your Amazon shopping cart! After having a rough Q1, Twitter has found a way to integrate itself in the e-commerce world. It’s convenient and simple, making it a win-win for both Twitter and Amazon. Would you use Twitter to buy products on Amazon?
  2. If you want to find love search on…LinkedIn? Apparently. LinkedUp! launched this week, which is a new dating app that pulls information via your LinkedIn profile. It seems to have promise, as LinkedIn shares important information that you would want to know in a potential match: education, volunteer experience, career path, etc. It’s getting a lot of positive feedback from doctors who claim it makes sense to search for partners based on your working life because after all, you likely spend the majority of your time at the office. On the other hand, most think love is best found outside of the office where one’s personal and professional life can remain separate. What do you think?
  3. NBC emerges as the first TV network to buy Facebook video ads. And their social media manager pulled a major win. Facebook claims that television can’t capture and target the audience that it can with these ads. Though it will cost networks a pretty penny (even as much as $1 million per day), social ads are necessary for brands who want to have an impressionable impact online. What does this mean for your brand? If you’re not using Facebook ads, now is the time to get acclimated; Facebook ads, when run correctly, almost guarantee success.
  4. By the end of May, your Twitter profile will be getting a makeover. It seems as though most Twitter users are unhappy to make the switch, claiming it closely resembles Facebook’s profile design. However, with the new Twitter profile, you will be able to have larger profile and header images, new timeline views, and the ability to pin a tweet to the top of your feed- all features which can benefit your social strategy if implemented in the right way.
  5. Snapchat seems to have had an identity crisis. They claim that their messages, also referred to as “snaps”, disappear after being opened, and the FTC was quick to determine that this is not the case. Snapchat settled its case this week with the FTC and admitted that what happens on the internet, will forever stay on the internet. It has been an ongoing conversation how and if brands will use the platform, and Snapchat’s privacy security and deceit towards its users is not helping its case. While I would assume brands would not be concerned that their messages didn’t disappear into the social media abyss forever, the FTC’s case is certainly not positioning Snapchat in the brightest light. Does this impact your brand’s decision to use, or not to use, Snapchat?

How do these changes impact your digital strategies? Let us know in the comments!