Before you head off for your Memorial Day weekend, get a recap of all the social media news and happenings of the week! From Facebook’s new “ask” button to a new feature that ranks your profile within your network on LinkedIn, it’s been a big week on social media:

  1. Facebook introduces new way to flirt. Frustrated that your crush doesn’t have their relationship status indicated on their profile? Worry no more! Facebook now has an “ask” button so you can message someone and request they list their relationship status. The only catch is that you have to be friends with them on Facebook for the button to appear. If you want to make it Facebook official, you’re going to have to click the button first!
  2. LinkedIn now shows how your profile ranks in your network. Are you constantly seeing if someone liked your status on Facebook? Or if someone retweeted you? Now there’s an addictive feature on LinkedIn that will have you logging in multiple times per day. It’s the “Mean Girls” of social media where you will be able to see how you rank in compared to your coworkers and friends in your network. The ranking is based on how frequently your profile was viewed within the previous 30 days. If this isn’t the push to motivate you to update your LinkedIn profile and be more active on the network to get noticed by potential new business opportunities or recruiters, I’m not sure what is.
  3. Facebook is taking the “I'm A Voter” Button global. During the U.S. presidential election in 2012, 9 million people used the button to alert their friends and family that they had voted. Facebook decided to bring it out again in the Indian parliamentary election. 4 million Indian citizens used the button. Ideally, this button will have an impact on voter turnout, as studies suggest social influence may be the best way to do so. Could this open the door for more social political data sharing?
  4. Facebook default setting to private to prevent oversharing. In my opinion, this is great news and aligns with Facebook’s mission to continue to provide quality content to its users rather than spam. Facebook is one of the most personal social networks, so it makes sense that the default is set to private. The network has also received a lot of privacy and security complaints, so this tactic actively responds to feedback from its users. However, this feature only applies to new users, so if you already have a Facebook account (which it’s incredibly likely that you do), you will need to manually select your privacy settings.
  5. Yelpers will soon be able to supplement their reviews with short video clips. This adds a great visual feature to company reviews, as the majority of users who refer to Yelp would like to see what the food looks like at a restaurant, how big the rooms are at a hotel, etc. Sometimes words aren’t descriptive enough, and a picture, or in this case a video, speaks 1,000 words.

Did we miss anything that happened this week in social? Let us know!