As we mentioned last week, the social media world changes at an increasingly fast rate. PR professionals are prepared to change strategies at a moment’s notice and as social media managers, it is no different.

What changed in social media this week and what are our reactions? Here’s the top news in digital this week:

  1. Pinterest reveals Ads rollout: Pinterest announced they will be rolling out their ads platform in the second quarter. Because Pinterest is image-focused, brands are excited about this announcement as advertisements will seamlessly mesh with the existing images throughout the network. This news will change Pinterest strategies greatly as now there is no equal playing field when it comes to “pinning”. Social Ads are now becoming a necessity rather than a choice for brands to find success.
  2. Facebook acquires Oculus: After Facebook failed to acquire Snapchat, they found some success in buying Oculus VR for a whopping $2 Billion. CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes Oculus has the “chance to create the most social platform ever” which will undoubtedly change the way Facebook works. This is Facebook’s second major acquisition this year, as it acquired WhatsApp just last month.
  3. W Hotels offer a Social Media Wedding Concierge: According to Fast Company, W Hotels in New York are offering a new service to its clients: a social media wedding concierge. Services, covered under a $3,000 fee, include live-tweeting the event, developing a hashtag, creating a blog, and curating Pinterest boards for inspiration. The majority of reactions have been critical of the program. While this may be launching weddings into the future, I think I’ll plan on drafting my own tweets and creating my own offline scrapbooks for now.
  4. Facebook organic reach is suffering: It comes as no surprise that with a new week comes a new Facebook algorithm tweak. The changes coincide with all of the recent tweaks that limit the organic reach of posts. According to the results of comScore’s data, even viral sites are suffering. What does this mean? Facebook is not free and in order to achieve success on social media, social ads need to be a part of the strategy.

It is important not only to be aware of what is going on in the digital world, but also how it affects our strategies as social media managers and PR professionals. According to the news this week, social ads are a necessity in order to achieve the results you would like on social media. Facebook is getting bigger and bigger with numerous acquisitions, which only means more changes are to come for the platform. And my thoughts on the W Hotels’ social media wedding concierge? A little out there for me; but for the couple that may be social media gurus? It may not be such a bad idea.

What else changed in social media this week? Share it in the comments, and let us know how it will change your strategy!