April and spring are finally upon us and just as quickly as the weather changed, so did many things in the digital and social media world. Didn’t have a chance to catch up on all that’s happened this week? Don’t worry; we’ve narrowed down all the top digital news:

  1. “Cuban Twitter” creation: It turns out the U.S. government has some social media skills too. They created a “Cuban twitter” communications network in an attempt to undermine the communist government, which was all unbeknownst to its target audience: young, Cuban millennials. There has been little comment from either party, Cuba or the U.S.
  2. Facebook adds free voice calls to WhatsApp: Remember when Facebook acquired WhatsApp? Well for those who were worried what would happen to the popular international messaging app, Facebook once again has come out on top and proved they are always two steps ahead. Users can now make free voice calls to their Facebook friends, expertly blending Facebook and WhatsApp into a singular, collaborative unit. So, what does this mean? Well, for those who thought Facebook was a dying social network, you are mistaken. And, second, collaboration almost always succeeds on social media: both networks are benefitting from the acquisition immensely.
  3. Ortiz takes a selfie with President Obama: Red Sox star David Ortiz took the selfie on a Samsung Galaxy 3 on Opening Day, which Samsung was quick to share and capitalize on. Samsung did not come out on top when Ellen DeGeneres tweeted her selfie at the Oscars after her personal tweets revealed she was still using an iPhone and was not promoting Samsung as she was instructed. But this time, Samsung took the cake. Though they may be receiving backlash from the White House, it is now well known that the Ortiz picture was snapped using a Samsung Galaxy 3.

What else did you notice change in social media this week? Let us know in the comments!

Photo via David Ortiz Twitter