Social media platforms have been wasting no time at all this month. Competition is rising in the world of digital apps and updates. Here’s what has been going on recently in the fight to the top of the social media outlet totem pole:

1. Facebook’s news feed video ad recommendations: On Monday, Facebook launched a news feed update that includes a video ranking system that monitors how often and how long users watch video ads. Based on those results, the user is able to select different, related videos managed by Facebook. Although this feature is only available to a select population of users at the moment, its goal is to gain information on individual users’ video watching habits in order to provide them with more content they will enjoy watching. The more they know about personal users’ habits, the more successful the system will be in reaching its goal.

2. Instagram becomes more advertising-friendly: Instagram has lifted some restraints on advertising, featuring ads for new TV dramas and series such as TNT’s “The Last Ship” and Showtime’s “Masters of Sex.” Ad restrictions established by Instagram exist to urge brands to advertise similar images that real people actually post. It will be intriguing to see what ends up happening to Instagram ads over time and how much sponsorship television channels will get from the outlet.

3. Pinterest releases new “Follow pin” for brands: Pinterest revolutionized its discover and navigate content with a new animated “follow pin” that helps people easily find pins from their favorite brands and pinners. The button pops up with a preview of an account’s pins, so you can follow them without needing to go directly to their Pinterest page. This offers users a faster way to follow more accounts they are interested in and also give them a sneak-peak of the content they will be seeing on their home pages as a result. Simple and speedy!

4. Snapchat now snaps location: Snapchat is testing a new location-based feature that enables users to access filters based off of where they are in the world. These filters can be used by turning the filters option on in Snapchat settings. The app automatically uses a person’s location to customize filters. For example, if you are in Brooklyn and using this feature, a filter may show up that says “Brooklyn” in a funky font. As of now, these filters only exist in certain areas and are already gaining popularity.

What trends stood out to you this week in social media? Let us know in the comments!