Another week has passed and we are in full on spring mode at SM&! With the change in weather has come more changes on social media, and we’ve chosen the top digital news you need to know this week. Check it out:

  1. Facebook customizes gender choices:

Facebook announced this week that they will now offer 50 gender identifications on the platform. This speaks to Facebook’s understanding of how important they are in people’s lives and how respectful and welcoming they are to all users of the world. Facebook is now part of a global movement towards acceptance. I think this is a great move and represents Facebook’s awareness and recognition of its users. While other platforms attempt to be user-friendly for all, Facebook is the only platform to take big steps in making that truthful. Bravo, Facebook.

  1. Twitter experiments with 15 new types of ads:

Over the next six months Twitter is reportedly rolling out 15 new types of ads. Facebook has offered similar types of ads that Twitter is experimenting with for quite some time, proving that Facebook and Twitter really are trying to become each other. Twitter also rolled out a Facebook-like redesign this week. With all of Twitter’s recent announced changes, I think they need to slow down a little. First, they want to get rid of hashtags and @-replies. Then they want to get rid of retweets. And now, they want to create more ads? We’ve already pleaded to Twitter to stop making changes once so I repeat: Twitter, stop changing!

  1. Facebook redesigns its ads:

It comes as no surprise that in the same week Twitter announces that it’s experimenting with ads, Facebook reveals the same. The right-hand rail ads will now appear similar to ads in the news feed which is a smart move. When was the last time you actually looked at the ads in your side bar? I can’t remember and it’s directly because they look like targeted ads rather than stories in your newsfeed. Of course this means ad prices will rise, but the organic reach on Facebook is limited anyway, so the ads might as well be engaging!

  1. LinkedIn removing products and services tab: