What’s old is new again.

Remember, maybe 4 years ago, when you’d hook up your iPod to a desktop computer and download a podcast or two?

Podcasts then fell out of favor for a while…too much work to download perhaps? Well, fast forward to 2014 and podcasts are as popular as ever. Social Media Marketing Guru Jeff Bullas believes that’s for two reasons:

  • We can now get podcasts direct to our phones without having to hook up our iPod to the computer.
  • The popularity of iTunes where we can publish and download podcasts.

As we here at Solomon McCown are big believers in the podcast as compelling content, I’ve come up with 5 reasons they make sense for your organization.

1)    Thought leadership: The time is yours to talk about whatever you like, but use it wisely. What you discuss and how you discuss it will help define your brand. Or if you're an in-house marketing/communications professional, interview your CEO so he or she can share insight on where the company is headed or a take on industry trends. It can make the leader more relatable and shows he or she cares about engaging with the public at large.  

2)    Interview a client or customer as a kind of testimonial: As I like to say, why brag about your business when you can have one of your biggest boosters do it for you? Just make sure the individual is well-spoken, prepared, and has a success story that's not so unique that it won't translate to a wide audience of perspective clients.  

3)    Case studies: They are a good way to explain a challenge, your strategy or solution and the outcome. A case study tells a story and gives you an opportunity to show off your brain power, creativity, and resourcefulness. It does away with the hypothetical and shows off your strategic thinking and decision-making in a real-world problem solving situation.  

4)    Your take on current events/industry news: Just make sure it's relevant to your business and your customers. It could be something you read in the newspaper or maybe it's a challenge you're hearing from multiple clients that you identify as a trend. Either way, it's not just insightful, it's timely, and it shows you're someone able to think outside the box when it comes to new ways of relating to your audience.  

5) Answer questions you received through email or social media: Much like talk show hosts take questions by way of texts, tweets and emails, you can hold court and pick and choose which questions or comments hold the greatest interest for the greatest number of listeners. If you can tell someone you're going to answer their inquiry on your weekly podcast, they're likely be flattered–and you've found another way to generate an audience for your podcast!