In case you missed it, Queen Bey herself utilized the power of social media last night to release her new “visual album” titled “Beyoncé”. Via her own personal Instagram account, Beyoncé posted the caption “Surprise!” to release a teaser of her new album.


Beyoncé has once again taken the world by storm as her social media savvy proves she really is the Queen.

As reported by Mashable, the stunt sparked more than 5,300 tweets per minute at its peak. To put that into perspective, that’s higher than the previous record set by SyFy’s Sharknado.

How did Beyoncé capitalize on social media?

  1. Beyoncé said in a press release that she didn’t want to release her music the way she’s always done it. She felt she was able to speak directly to her fans. And that is exactly what she did. Where are Beyoncé’s fans? On social media; her release plan was flawless.
  2. #QueenBey has been trending on Twitter worldwide all day, all because of one simple post! Her expertly executed plan had a higher reach than most traditional media promotions would have had because social media was the fastest and most accessible way to reach her fans.
  3. Timing is everything. No one was expecting new music from Beyoncé until next year. A great way to create buzz? The element of surprise.
  4. No artist had tried this before. To release an album over social media is astounding creativity. Remember when you actually had to buy a CD?! Beyoncé knows those days are long gone.
  5. In a video interview Beyoncé explains that she sees music, and that it is more than just hearing. Instagram is the visual platform of the moment and cleverly, Beyoncé used that to her advantage. By creating videos to all of her tracks, she was able to promote on the social platform and appeal to all audiences.

Bravo Beyoncé, bravo.