The rooftops of large industrial buildings are often overlooked and underutilized. Commercial real estate owners can take advantage of this profitable space by leasing it for the purpose of solar energy. This investment in solar energy increases property value, can lower costs for tenants, and generates extra revenue. Solar companies work with commercial real estate companies and developers to install rooftop solar panels. In many cases, the commercial real estate owner receives royalty income from the tenant solar developer while holding no responsibilities or risks of ownership.

                Energy usage is the largest expense of a commercial property. In addition, energy usage from commercial properties accounts for almost 20 percent of US greenhouse gas emissions. In 2015 this still holds to be true, causing a slow progression of commercial real estate owners to invest in rooftop solar panels. The cost of solar is decreasing as time moves on, gradually making this form of clean energy more attainable. What is holding people back from adapting to solar power? Some people believe that solar panels are an eyesore due to the poor placement of installations. However, installing solar panels on the flat rooftops of industrial buildings can shield solar panels from plain view.

Even if the state of our environment is not the paramount concern for some folks, a wise commercial real estate owner or developer should take note of the financial gains of rooftop solar investment. Solar investment provides a long-term return by profiting through solar tenants, lowering energy costs, and increasing property value. Additionally, commercial real estate owners and developers can help push the US along the path to clean energy by investing in solar and they can self-benefit in the process.