Boston-based software developer Spritz shook up the technology and book worlds when it announced it has developed technology to help people read at a whopping 500 words per minute. That means the average reader would be able to finish a novel in about 90 minutes.

At Solomon McCown, we love digital innovation. Twitter? We’re there. Instagram? Love it. Snapchat? Not for our clients, but when McDonalds and Taco Bell are on a platform, you know everyone will be there someday.

But speed-reading? This is a bit too much for us.

We love when digital technology enables us to communicate in a new and exciting way. But sometimes, the written word and nearly unlimited character counts are necessary to explain the nuance of an issue. And when reading for pleasure, it’s nice to take a break from our 6-second, 140-character world and kick back with a pulp and ink novel that won’t distract you with a series of alerts or a call from your mother.

What do you think of this speed-reading technology? Is it just another way to squeeze the pleasure out of a timeless activity, or do you think it could serve a useful purpose? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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