Now that we’re two games (and two victories!) into the NFL season, it might be a good time to ask: Did Deflategate really tarnish Tom Brady’s reputation?

Before Judge Berman’s decision to overturn the NFL’s ruling, some were convinced that Brady’s brand and image had been ruined forever. But they were wrong.

Brady did not lose any endorsements after Goodell’s ruling against him or throughout the Deflategate court proceedings. His 14-year NFL career, marked by numerous wins and four Super Bowl championships, protected him from a potential fallout.

As one cultural expert pointed out, Brady’s brand has always been dependent on him portraying himself as the golden boy of the NFL, so his exoneration on September 3rd simply bolstered that image.

Instead, Goodell’s credibility was questioned and Brady was further legitimized. Ultimately, the NFL’s brand took the hit and now has to think fast in order to regain the confidence of football fans. To maintain public trust, some say the NFL may have to become more transparent when handling issues going forward.

The NFL has announced its appeal of Judge Berman’s decision, but celebrities are continuing to weigh in too – even the new Miss America. As if all this wasn’t enough, Spygate allegations and conspiracy theories have also resurfaced recently, suggesting that the outcome of the 2007 investigation was connected to Goodell’s harsh handling of Deflategate.

But this can only be good news for Brady. It means his merchandise will most likely continue selling at a high rate, his stock will rise and (hopefully) he can finally get back to focusing on football. (Unless he continues to tout his endorsement of 2016 presidential hopeful Donald Trump.)

The question remains: Can there really be no such thing as bad press for Tom Brady?