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Posted by Michelle Mastrobattista

Bad Press Online? Here’s What You Can Do to Protect Your Reputation

November 6, 2019 In Crisis Communications Leave a comment

Can negative search results be removed from Google? There are many reputation management companies out there taking advantage of businesses desperate to remove negative search results from Google. They will

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Posted by Jackson Murphy

The Challenges of Communicating Health Data Security

March 17, 2015 In SM& Team Comments Off on The Challenges of Communicating Health Data Security

Last month’s massive security breach of leading health insurer Anthem Inc. gave reason for many to worry as hackers accessed up to 80 million electronic health records from patients. This

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Posted by Ashley McCown

A Public Crisis: Messaging the Measles

January 31, 2015 In Crisis Communications, Executive, Healthcare Comments Off on A Public Crisis: Messaging the Measles

As of this writing, at least 95 cases of measles have been linked to the outbreak traced to Disney theme parks, according to the California Department of Public Health. Those

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Posted by Amy Derjue

Governor Baker’s First Crisis

January 29, 2015 In Crisis Communications Comments Off on Governor Baker’s First Crisis

As the Blizzard of 2015 bore down on Massachusetts, many of us wondered how newly inaugurated Governor Charlie Baker would handle his first test in crisis planning, courtesy of Mother

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