Vocus’ annual “State of the Media,” a report based on the responses of hundreds of journalists in their system, was released last week.

Essentially, the report spells out what we see in everyday practice:

  • Journalists still prefer email pitches over any other method. That includes social media and, of course, the phone.
  • Reporters use social media (Twitter over Facebook) to promote their stories, but they don’t trust it as a source and barely use it for research.
  • The demise of traditional media has been exaggerated! Fewer newspapers closed in 2013 than 2012, though fewer magazines launched. Surprisingly, more new magazines are still print, not digital, though online publications are catching up. And, interestingly, radio audiences continue to increase.

Does this report reflect what you’ve been seeing? Have you been more successful with other pitching tactics, like reaching out over social media as more reporters join Twitter and LinkedIn?