Halloween has been trending on social media all week and the day has finally arrived.  Brands have been figuring out how to capitalize on the holiday and engage with their consumers in a creative way.

As some have suggested, Halloween has the potential to be a multi-billion dollar bonanza. Their reasoning? Social media adds fuel to the ghoulish fire as partygoers upload photos to their Facebook and Twitter accounts as companies around the world will try to outsmart each other with innovative campaigns in an effort to stay relevant.

One social media platform not to be overlooked this Halloween is Vine

Audi USA posted their own Halloween Vine and promoted their own #WantanR8 campaign.  

The language used in their messaging led to the ultimate success of the Vine, combining the Halloween theme with relevant key words reflecting their product. Not only that, but Audi is also expanding the reach of their #WantanR8 contest by utilizing their social media channels to create buzz around the campaign.

If we breakdown Audi’s social media plan and strategy, it is no secret they maximized on the holiday:

  1. They positioned themselves in front of the market as social media savvy
  2. They engaged their consumers in an easy and cost effective manner
  3. They self-promoted new content and their brand

However, they are not the only brand to capitalize on the frenzy.

P & G’s Tide Halloween Vines created internet buzz as well.

Randy Limes, brand manager, e-commerce at P&G, expertly noted that, “Vine is interesting because it’s not just a launch and leave,” he said. “It can drive engagement for weeks.”

After receiving a positive response on social media, P & G worked with Digitas, a U.S. ad agency, to continue to crank out the 6-second videos.  P & G realized that engaging on social media would make their brand relevant throughout the holiday and decided to release a new video every two days.  Limes is also putting the Vine spots in web display ads and other campaigns, proving that social media can be effective across multiple platforms.

Both Audi and Tide recognized their consumers were interested in horror videos this month and smartly developed campaigns surrounding that fact.  Seasonal campaigns and social media efforts surrounding events and holidays are a great way to get your brand out there and be relevant to your audience.

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Happy Halloween from your friends at SM&!