Solomon McCown Webinar Provides Title IX Guidance  

More than 100 representatives from some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities tuned in Thursday to our Solomon McCown webinar: Campus in Crisis/Navigating Title IX Communications, led by SM& President Ashley McCown and Paul Lannon, partner at Holland & Knight.

Now more than ever, higher education institutions are being held accountable for how they endeavor to prevent sexual assaults, support survivors and adjudicate complaints. This is especially true for those institutions where survivors have filed complaints under Title IX because they feel their school failed to respond effectively.

Throughout Thursday’s hour-long webinar, Paul and Ashley stressed the importance of legal and public relations counsel working hand-in-glove to ensure a school communicates in a manner that is accountable, empathetic and transparent. The foundation in these often-chaotic times, during which a school’s reputation can hang in the balance, is a well-thought-out strategy around how to speak with students, faculty, staff, families and alumni, as well as the media.


With best practices in sexual assault prevention and response constantly evolving (including new guidelines from the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights), federal compliance can often seem like a moving target. Understanding this challenging environment, Ashley and Paul analyzed the risks such as reputation damage and lawsuits, as well as the realities of communicating in the court of public opinion as opposed to a court of law.


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