Over the last few years, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, reaching more than 800 million active users each day. It is more important than ever for brands and individuals to distinguish themselves as influencers and thought leaders on this channel.

Whether you’re new to the platform, or just looking to refresh your approach, here are some apps and tools we’ve found to be useful for improving your Instagram posts to achieve optimal results.


The MOLDIV photo editing app offers a wide array of photography tools in a user-friendly package. The camera function will take your iPhone photos to the next level with advanced professional controls such as white balance, focus, lighting, and aspect ratio options. Once you have a photo selected you can customize it by trying on a range of filters. Text overlay and stickers can be added as well. Using the same filter on all of your photos will give your Instagram profile a curated look. MOLDIV is the perfect app for the Instagram content creator who doesn’t have access to a professional camera or photographer.


Turn your panoramic photos into a multi-photo or multiple post collage that spans across an entire row on your Instagram profile. This creates a cool visual effect that will set your profile apart. When viewed individually in the feed, the images will peak curiosity for viewers who wonder what the rest of the image looks like, driving more visits to your Instagram.


This post optimization tool connects to your Instagram profile and analyzes your followers’ activity. WhenToPost tells you exactly what times your audience is most engaged on Instagram to help ensure that your posts are reaching as many people as possible. Instagram’s algorithm favors posts that get many likes in a short amount of time and may suggest those posts to new users. If you post at 3:00 AM when most users are inactive, you can bet that your reach won’t get very far. The app can also send you reminders on your iPhone so that you never miss the perfect time to post.


Have writer’s block? Unsure what to caption that awesome photo you just took? Enter Captiona, “The search engine for Instagram captions”. Captiona sources thousands of popular sayings, quotes, and trending phrases on social media to cover just about any topic you can imagine. Captiona will help you achieve better engagement on your posts.


A healthy Instagram account should have a proportionate number of followers and following. Since Instagram, like Twitter, is a follow for follow culture, the best way to get more followers is to follow users with similar interests to your page. However, don’t be too aggressive in the number of people you follow because Instagram will flag this a spam and may suspend some of your account privileges. It’s best to follow users over time and then wait for some of those users to follow you back. If you are regularly doing this, the number of people you are following will start to look disproportionate to the users who follow you. Cleaner for Instagram will help solve this problem. The app scans the users you are following to see who follows you back. You can bulk “unfollow” users who aren’t following you back or who may be inactive users. The maximum number of users Cleaner will let you unfollow is fifty, this is to avoid any penalties from Instagram. Cleaner also has a sleep mode that will unfollow one user every 90 seconds while you sleep so that you can wake up to a balanced Instagram account.


Have you wondered how your friends are making their posts sparkle? The KiraKira+ app allows you to instantly add bling to any of your photos or videos. Just open the app and swipe to choose a filter like you would in Instagram or Snapchat, then aim the camera at something shiny. This app, now at the top of the App Store, originally became popular on the runways of Fashion Week. You don’t need to be a fashion or beauty brand to have some fun with this app, it could be great for architects or real estate brands to spice up photos of their designs or anything that reflects light.

You don’t need to be an Instagram expert to make the most of your social channels. With great apps like these, you will up your social media game in no time. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more tips, tricks and best practices on how to make the most of your own social networks.