It’s been argued that social media contributes to and fosters bullying and cyber bullying.

This week, Facebook has rolled out a tool to address online harassment, according to NPR.  The “bullying prevention hub” is an online resource to take action and to educate teens, educators, and parents on how to prevent bullying and cyber bullying.  While Facebook may be late into creating this portal, it is a positive step in the right direction.

Another app, Whisper, was created in the hopes that anonymity would help its users connect on another level and would help in eliminating cyber bullying from the internet.  While perhaps a stereotypical statement, CEO Michael Heyward told Mashable, “Whisper's the place you can be the captain of the football team, but also really like Glee.” 

Because there is no way to track down the secrets that are shared, could this innovative app eliminate bullying from cyberspace?  That is the mission and part of the social network’s core values.  Whisper reportedly has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, and the team hears from users that the network’s community has helped them stop self-harming behaviors.

While the app attempts to position itself as a bully-free zone, it seems that Whisper presents a new issue: where its users lack self-confidence and are afraid to be who they truly are on the social stage.

Facebook’s new hub will hopefully be the model for other social sites to offer anti-bullying platforms and initiate conversations to take responsibility for cyber bullying, making the internet a safe place for its users.

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