The effectiveness of social media advertising has been disputed for quite some time now. It is becoming increasingly prevalent for social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to integrate advertisements into our personal news feeds and label them as “sponsored content.” But in a society that strives to avoid advertisements, using technology like Netflix and DVR to bypass unwanted commercials, can social media advertising really motivate consumer shopping habits?

According to the  infographic above, developed by social marketing platform Crowdtap, the answer is yes. Crowdtap found that 64.8 percent of consumers are utilizing social media to generate holiday gift ideas. Sixty seven percent of these social media users followed through and purchased the gifts they found. Furthermore, Crowdtap found that a whopping 92 percent of shoppers trust earned media more than any other form of advertising. These results prove the success of social media advertising and signify that this trend is likely to increase in future years. See the infographic to learn more about how peer influence and social media impact our holiday shopping habits.