Recently, some of us here at Solomon McCown & Company attended Young Women in Digital’s Boston event on the power of paid social and the impact it has had on brand communications in the digital age. I left feeling inspired and curious about the future of digital and the role social advertising has in it. Here are three key takeaways I had after leaving this event and reflecting on my experiences so far in the PR industry.

Organic is nearly dead

The sad truth is brand content in the newsfeed is rarely seen without at least a little ad spend behind it. There is some serious competition to get onto a user’s newsfeed these days. Just because something is posted to your page does not mean your followers are going to see it, as hard as that may be to accept.

Video is everything

Digital is all about convenience, and video offers consumers the quickest, easiest and most functional way to consume information. Facebook favors video in its algorithm and it’s only a matter of time before other platforms follow suit. Video content is the future of digital content. Start planning how your organization can leverage it.

Social ads are strategic

Social advertising gives you the ability to be more strategic than ever with your content. Each social ad type has a purpose, allowing you to promote content in a number of ways based on your goals. For example, a boosted post is used when you would like to give organic content a boost in the newsfeed and optimizes for engagement, while a website click ad is used to drive people to a specific place online. Social ads also allow you to target content to a very specific set of people, ensuring the right message gets to the right audience at the right time.

All of these changes can present an even bigger hurdle for marketers to jump over as they attempt to explain the complexities of the ever-changing social and digital landscape to someone who is new to it. But, as marketers, it is our job to keep up with these trends and be prepared for what’s waiting just around the corner.

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