The newest social networking app, Snapchat, recently announced its addition of Snapchat stories, allowing the ability to combine content and share with others over a 24-hour period.  With the slogan, “The end of your story is today and the beginning of your story is tomorrow” the release of Snapchat stories is an intriguing idea to brands and marketers.  With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram already offering a timeline on their platforms, Snapchat now allows users to share time-sensitive content in an honest way.

Earlier this year, brands were already jumping on the Snapchat train.  16 handles, a frozen yogurt chain, used the app to promote coupons for their product.  The downfall?  The coupon was only available for 10 seconds, so if customers opened the snap before they were ready to pay, the coupon disappeared.  Snapchat stories will improve upon this issue and allow for easier, 24-hour long promotions.

Taco Bell surprised many in April when they tweeted out to their fans to add them on Snapchat.  It was a great way to promote their new product and treat their customers as personal friends, rather than consumers. 

Proving that their social media crisis this summer does not represent their brand, Taco Bell is providing the road map for Snapchat stories.  Fans of the popular chain use social media to share stories of their adventures with friends.  Taco Bell responded by creating a Snapchat story which modeled that experience, instantly forming a connection with their customers.

Alex Restrepo, the social media manager for the New Orleans Saints, was drawn in by the app’s ability to allow posts to last for more than 10 seconds.  Restrepo plans to use Snapchat to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the team.  He notes that although you can’t measure how many fans you have, you can see the number of people who have viewed your image, which is a valuable marketing tool.

However, hesitancies still remain about the app’s new feature.  Will Snapchat stories give brands a boost, or will it weaken its own brand?  Will the feature die out like Vine did after the announcement of Instagram video?  It is important to note that brands evolve (like Facebook and Twitter have in the past).  Only time will tell what Snapchat has in store for marketing and brands in the future, so stay tuned.