Massachusetts has undergone huge changes in the past decade. Gone are the days of razing our neighborhoods for parking garages and highways in the name of “urban renewal”.  Instead, everyone from millennials to seniors are looking for smaller homes closer to active public spaces and mass transit. While some neighborhoods are thriving, others are struggling to adapt to what today’s residents demand.

One organization is helping communities across the state create these spaces in their city or town. The Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance is hosting a Smart Growth Conference for the first time in its 10-year history on Wednesday, November 20th. Leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors—including Governor Deval Patrick—will gather to discuss the critical issues that support smart growth in the Commonwealth. These include transportation, housing, and environmental issues.

 It’s been a busy year for the Alliance. It has led the charge to reform Massachusetts’ zoning laws and to recapitalize the state’s Brownfields Redevelopment Fund, which sparks investment in abandoned and contaminated sites—many of them close to transit. Both campaigns have earned the support of the Boston Globe. (See here and here.) The Alliance was also a major player in the campaign to address the state’s transportation woes, and continues to provide support to communities across the state that want to embrace change and utilize smart growth principles.

Register here for this day-long conference to learn how you can help Massachusetts create the communities our residents want…while preserving the moderately priced housing they need.