One of my favorite parts about working on the health care team at Solomon McCown is the opportunity to communicate and share the ways in which our clients provide compassionate and quality care to the patients they serve. Whether through a strategically placed op-ed, an engaging tweet, or a press release sharing breaking news, effective communication is contingent upon a true team effort between SM& and our clients.

Throughout the year, we also have opportunities to support our clients’ missions in areas outside of traditional public relations. Next month, we will once again proudly walk alongside Atrius Health as participants in the 2015 Boston Heart Walk. Organized by the American Heart Association, the Boston Heart Walk is one of the 300 Heart Walks nationwide that promotes awareness and raises funds toward preventing heart disease and stroke.

Prevention and education are essential to combatting heart disease and stroke, which respectively are the number-one and number-five causes of death in the United States. There are several measures that people can take—such as managing blood pressure, staying active and eating better—to reduce their risk for developing cardiovascular health issues. As a strong supporter of Atrius Health’s emphasis on preventative care for its patients, we at SM& look forward to putting these awareness efforts into action throughout the next month in anticipation for the walk.

Similar to how placing a story is a collaborative endeavor in the communications world, addressing a major public health issue requires the teamwork of friends, family and advocates alike. We hope for your support in working to reduce the prevalence of heart disease and stroke by donating to either our company Heart Walk page or the Atrius Health walk page. In doing so, you will help fund research, education, and improved patient care for those at risk or who have already experienced cardiovascular disease and stroke. We greatly appreciate your support, and welcome you to start your own team so that you can walk along the Charles River with us on September 12th!