​On Monday of this week, Solomon McCown CEO Helene Solomon Tweeted from the Back Bay Association's annual meeting that panels & events across Boston will have to add extra time to the program to announce all the candidates in the room as we enter a busy election season. On Tuesday, the West Roxbury Courthouse Neighborhood Association forum literally didn't have enough space at the table for all the mayoral hopefuls in attendance. On Wednesday, we saw candidates for several offices at our SM& Presents panel on Boston's post-Menino future. Josh Zakim, a candidate for District 8 Boston City Councilor shook hands during the networking time. A staffer from John Connolly's campaign arrived for the panel. Suffolk County District Attorney and mayoral hopeful Dan Conley joined the in-person discussion and one happening simultaneously on Twitter with some on-messagecomments-a shrewd strategy to make himself a part of the conversation as it continues online. I was surprised none of the other candidates chimed in on Twitter when they saw Conley's thoughts posted. It would have been a great way to get some messaging out to the influencers on the panel and in the room while showing off their social media chops. But it's understandable. Some candidates took to the airwaves for interviews this morning. Others were out collecting those all-important signatures. One candidate was at an event sponsored by the current mayor. There's a lot to do in this campaign, and not much time to do it. As the race heats up, it will be interesting to see where the 24 mayoral hopefuls spend their time in the run-up to the primary. Will candidates maintain Menino-esque 14-hour days? Or will some use the power of social media to speak for them when they're not around? I can't wait to see how it shakes out. By Amy Derjue, Senior Account Executive at Solomon McCown & Company