Julie Rovner, health policy correspondent for NPR specializing in the politics of health care, is well-versed in all things ACA. But in her recent Q&A , even she was mistaken when it came to the policies surrounding pediatric dental as an essential health benefit under Obamacare.

Fay Donohue, President and CEO of DentaQuest (a SM& client), provided clarification on pediatric dental under the ACA for Julie on NPR’s “Morning Edition” on January 9th. She explained that, although the law states that all children must be covered, many remain without coverage due to certain loopholes.

Fay went on to stress the importance of dental care for children, stating “If you care about education, you've got to care about oral health.”

We agree, and we hope that the intent of the ACA to provide dental coverage for all children is met.