This year’s annual ULI Fall Meeting brought thousands of bright minds across industries and the country to learn about national and local trends affecting today’s real estate market. As part of the real estate organization’s WULI initiative, that empowers and connects women in real estate, Solomon McCown CEO Helene Solomon joined over 150 women as a speaker at the in-demand series, WLI Speakeasy: An Evening of Curated Conversations, at WeWork Back Bay October 10th.

During the event, Helene shared insights, on the changing media landscape, and how to best communicate with purpose and influence through permitting, crises and to raise one’s business profile.

Below are a few important questions to ask yourself when planning to communicate more broadly inspired by the discussion with talented, forward-thinking women from BNP Paribas Real Estate, JLL and Omni Ecosystems.

  • How do you differentiate and/or place your story in a media market that has only a few reporters dedicated to real estate?
  • When publishing and pursuing content, what is the best avenue to tell your story – video, traditional and/or social media, or paid sponsored content?
  • While considering social media, which has become the most popular content marketing tactic reported by 90 percent of B2C businesses, how do you evaluate and decide which channels will be the most effective to accomplish your goals? Following that, how do you populate those channels, and how many people are dedicated to managing them?
  • Through permitting, how do you balance community feedback with feedback posted to developer controlled community engagement platforms hosted by third parties?
  • What is the first step in compiling an effective communications plan?
  • Who is your audience, where are they and how do you reach them? Is it through a profile in a business journal or a technical story in a business trade?
  • If there is bad weather or a cybersecurity threat, do you have a crisis plan in place for all employees, your communications and business?
  • How do you advocate for yourself from a PR perspective to be included in news about milestones, credited for videos, and other content?

Other conversation hosts included Building Impact CEO Bridget Akinc, MITIMCo Directors Maureen McCaffrey and Amanda Strong, Boston Urban Partners Co-Founder Ann Erhart, Arrowstreet Principal Amy Korte,  Girl Uninterrupted Project Co-Founders Juliet Chun and Zhanina Boyadzhieva, MITIMCo Director Kathryn Brown, Samuels & Associates Principal & COO Leslie Cohen, WeWork Global Head of Real Estate Transactions Vivianna Schwoerer, and Isenberg Projects Founder & Chief Creative Director Emily Isenberg.