As my six months here at Solomon McCown come to a close, it seems appropriate to take my last blog post to reflect on what I’ve learned about working in PR.

1.Things move very fast. Sometimes.  There are constant deadlines, but it’s not quite so black and white.  Some days I have eight things on my list that all need to get done immediately, and other days it’s just a couple of long term projects. One day it’s calm and then a crisis erupts mid-afternoon and we have to start monitoring a story. It’s a little bit like working in a firehouse. Which brings me to my next lesson:

2.Use downtime to plan and get ahead. Just because the phones aren’t ringing off the hook at a given moment, it doesn’t mean that won’t all change in the next hour. I’ve found that the best way to deal with everything PR throws my way is to always stay as far ahead as I can. I try to use every minute of the day to get as much done as possible, because I don’t know what will come my way tomorrow. If I do know that something big is coming up, I plan for it as much as possible.

3.Communicate internally. Our business is technically external communications, but internal communication in our own office is just as important. When a client asks a question, we discuss it within our team before going back to them with an answer. If one of us has a question, we ask each other before we go back to the client with it. We are always checking in with each other behind the scenes to make sure that our relationships with clients are as efficient as possible.