Blogging has come a long way since the late 1990s when the term “weblog” was coined. What was once primarily a tool for individuals to share their interests and lives, blogs are now used by political campaigns, media outlets, nonprofits, B2B and B2C companies and countless other organizations. It’s estimated that more than 2 million blog posts are published daily.

Considering launching a blog for your organization or business? Here are some things to consider before you press publish:

Develop a strategy: Blogging can be a great tool in a marketer’s tool belt—if it’s used to advance your organization’s overall communication strategy. Are you looking to highlight your organization’s thought leaders? Share research or innovation developed by your organization with others in your field? Provide a glimpse into your organization’s culture? Make sure your strategy is fleshed out before getting started.

Be realistic about your resources: Blogging takes a significant investment of time—a precious resource for-profit companies or small non-profits alike. Who will spend the time writing the blogs? How regularly will you post? Who has final say over the content? Who will optimize your blog’s SEO and share the posts on social media? Determine the roles early and set clear expectations and deadlines with your content team.

Don’t strive for perfection: Yes, your blogs should be edited and well-written. But blog posts don’t always have to contain a revolutionary idea or thoughtfully researched thesis. Sometimes, it can be as simple as an informed reaction to news in your industry, a recap of a conference or other event, or a list of helpful resources.

Stick with it: As Greg Satell wrote in the Harvard Business Review last month, marketers have been trained to grab the audience’s attention with snappy campaigns and jingles. To stand out in the blog and content space, marketers must shift their thinking to hold the audience’s attention, keeping them coming back to your organization for more ideas and useful content.

Experiment with content marketing: Not sure your organization can commit to a blog? Consider publishing eBooks, hosting a webinar, or having a Periscope chat with an expert in your organization to share content without committing to a full-time blog.

Blogging is a significant commitment. But, when done right, it can reinforce your organization’s relationship with your clients, customers, or donors. Ready to take the leap into blogging? Check out our 11 tips to boost your blog performance.