Every now and then, an app comes along which promises to be a true game-changer. Periscope, Twitter’s live video streaming app that allows users to share and experience live video from their mobile phones, appears to be such an innovation. The app was created for iOS and Android by two men who decided that live tweeting something on Twitter wasn’t enough. They didn’t want to read about events happening live—they wanted to actually see events happening live.

Although Periscope is used for live streaming news events, it is also used by many popular brands to interact with fans. Brands are doing everything from promoting new products, to Q&As, to sharing celebrity endorsements. The following are a few brands that have successfully tried their hand at Periscope:

Mountain Dew: Who doesn’t love free merchandise? In Mountain Dew’s first experiment with Periscope, it took the opportunity to engage with fans and reward their Twitter followers. If a fan interacted with them on the Periscope stream, the company surprised them with some Mountain Dew merchandise.

Adidas: Adidas gave its fans a chance to be a part of a contract signing with Colombian soccer superstar James Rodriguez. The “mini-event” was broadcast on Periscope from the Adidas headquarters in Germany, which drew viewers from around the world.

Doritos: Doritos became the first brand to run a contest on Periscope. The #DoritosRoulette campaign tied in nicely with a new, limited-edition product of the same name, which prompted the brand to start a live contest on Periscope. The game involved a roulette of nacho corn chips and the contestants were chosen randomly. Depending on how the wheel landed, Doritos’ Periscope viewers were rewarded with prizes.

Red Bull: This brand is known for trying out new social media platforms to self-promote. Red Bull tested the waters of Periscope at Miami Music Week. The company live-streamed exclusive events from its guest house, which included interviews and musical sets from artists like Lil Wayne and George Clinton. The brand promoted the live streams on Twitter and Snapchat.

Although these are all retail companies, there is room for other industries in the world of Periscope.

Real estate companies can use Periscope to show properties and even provide giveaways for viewers who join the live stream showings to drive excitement. Healthcare companies can use Periscope as an opportunity for medical Q&As. For example, November is American Diabetes Month, so a healthcare organization can tap a medical professional to host a Q&A surrounding diabetes. Nonprofits host fundraising events all the time—why not promote the event or live stream it on Periscope to get people to consider donating? The best way to get the word out about your Periscope is using the hashtag #Periscope and tweeting the link to the broadcast.

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