We had the pleasure of attending the grand opening party for SM& client Republic Fitness. If you haven’t heard yet, Republic Fitness is the brand new premium club in downtown Boston, created by the widely popular Healthworks Group, the largest local family-owned fitness company in Boston.

The great thing about Republic is that it provides the perfect combination of a motivational workout spot and an inviting community atmosphere.  The party was a success, full of healthy low-calorie treats, a DJ and drinks (including this healthy drink called Maple Water, which is like coconut water, but better for you and better tasting!)

We’re always looking for ways to highlight how our clients are special, unique, and interesting. Here are a few of the many ways Republic Fitness is different:

  • We all work busy days and long hours. Getting to the gym during the day can sometimes feel impossible. At Two International Place, Republic Fitness provides the perfect convenient location for business professionals in downtown Boston. To enhance that convenience, the club offers virtual off-peak class times for those who can’t make regular ones.
  • Let’s talk technology. Republic Fitness uses state-of-the-art Matrix equipment that include on-demand entertainment features, the ability to connect to popular apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, and for members there is a Republic Fitness app that not only lets you sign up for classes, but hooks up to fitness apps like the ones mentioned above so you can track progress. I even hopped on to check it out myself and burned a couple calories. Literally two.
  • There’s something for everyone. Republic Fitness has a cardio area, a multi-purpose studio with all kinds of killer classes that cater to every workout preference, an indoor cycling studio that members love, a strength training area and a turf area with advanced training tools. 

Interested in seeing what Republic Fitness has to offer? You can sign up here