Have you ever heard the term “real-time”?

Real-time refers to things happening at that very moment. Real-time advertising is a great example of what it means to interact in the moment.

Apotek, a pharmacy brand, used a subway station in Stockholm for their first ever interactive ad. It’s equipped with sensors so that the second the train passes, the model’s hair goes flying as if the breeze from the train is blowing it around.  

Interaction is the key component in real-time anything because customers want to be part of a dialogue, not talked at. Real-time Social Media is a great way for brands to engage a wide audience. People want to see that companies can connect with them on a level other than just trying to sell them a product.

On Twitter, DiGiorno Pizza found a way to harness real-time social media. Their recent tweets are supposed to be as if they are coming from the mouth of the hilarious and sarcastic person sitting next to you on the couch. They also use the trending topics to their advantage, creating virtual word of mouth simply by tweeting about pizza.

Monitoring social media and being up to date on the conversations is really important.

If there is a lot of negative buzz about your brand and you haven’t done anything to address it- that’s a problem in the eye of the consumer because they will think you will fail to address their needs. Similarly, a brand can establish an element of real trust by responding in real time and being attentive to the needs of their audience.