Carving out a digital strategy for your property is essential in today’s social media-fueled landscape. When used correctly, graphics can make your content stand out in the sea of competition. Plus, tools like Repost and Later will make the process even more efficient.

Our Social Media Specialist recommends these 8 tools that are great for both beginners and advanced marketers alike to add to their toolkits.

Real Estate Marketing | Social Media for Properties

1 | VSCO

Flip, crop, spin and adjust the axis of your photos so the angles appear just right. Having an app that allows you to adjust the x and y-axes can bring key points of an image to the forefront or straighten it out so it appears lined up. VSCO also has easy editing features so you can add filters and adjust the appearance of your photos. Use this app to showcase your properties with high-quality photos instantly, and without expensive and time-consuming re-touching.

2 | Canva

Looking to spice up your content and flyers just aren’t doing the job? Canva offers templates optimized for each social media platform so you can easily drop your information in and create outstanding visuals without needing to be a graphic designer. You can even upload your brand’s specific colors and fonts for quick access to custom graphics! The site has both free and paid versions, with various helpful features and photos to use in creating your material.

3 | Swipeable

Love capturing breathtaking panoramas from your property’s rooftop but can never get them to fit in the preset image space on social media (especially Instagram)? Swipeable is the solution to that problem! Drop any panorama in and voila you can swipe through to see your full skyline. This app gives you the ability to share full-room panoramas as well as other broad exterior shots.

Real Estate Marketing | Social Media for Properties

4 | Pixaloop

Is your skyline looking bleak? With Pixaloop, you can bring the skies to life by adding clouds, birds, and other movement. This app turns lifeless images into something animated that will catch the eye of your followers. The app also includes features like water movement, bubbles, stars and lifelike animals to take your renderings from ordinary to extraordinary!

5 | Unfold

Scratching your head looking for a way to leverage Instagram and Facebook Stories for your property? Take your community on a virtual tour using a series of images that can be shared on social media. Unfold’s templates allow you to drop photos, text and videos in to pre-built templates to create polished social media stories that your followers will love.

6 | Repost

Running short on content or simply want to include more photos from around the community in your strategy? You can always share photos and videos from residents, community members and local businesses with Repost. Simply search for the hashtags and key terms related to your local community and be sure to ask for permission! This app gives you the power to post higher quality content without having to screenshot and crop your own images at a lower resolution.

7 | Tage

Hashtags are many marketers’ worst nightmare. How do you know which ones to use? Choosing the right set of hashtags is essential for being found on Instagram; especially in the sea of competing accounts. Tage lets you search through countless topics and categories and easily copy and paste hashtag sets into your caption.

We searched real estate and quickly came up with a strong list of hashtags including #luxuryhomes #homesweethome #realestatelife #architecture and #dreamhome

Real Estate Marketing | Social Media for Properties

8 | Later

We understand that you’re busy juggling hundreds of tasks every day. Make social media posting easier by uploading images and captions to Later and scheduling your posts in advance. This app will notify you when it’s time to post, show you a preview of your Instagram feed so you can plan for style and provide you with helpful analytics once your posts have gone live.

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