The holiday season is right around the corner. If you’re looking for ways to give back in the Boston area but aren’t sure how to get started, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this quiz around your interests to recommend what volunteer activities might appeal most!

In my free time I’m usually…

  1. Cozied up with a book
  2. Skiing, hiking, golfing… anything outside
  3. Going to a new trendy restaurant or bar
  4. Free time…What’s that?

What’s one word your friends would use to describe you?

  1. Thoughtful
  2. Adventurous
  3. Outgoing
  4. Ambitious

Where would you spend a $50 gift card

  1. Your favorite bookstore
  2. A sporting goods store
  3. Your favorite clothing store
  4. A spa

What’s your favorite social media platform?

  1. Twitter
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. LinkedIn

Where would you rather be right now?

  1. Museum of Fine Arts
  2. Bruins Game
  3. Concert at House of Blues
  4. Dinner at the Top of the Hub

What are your weekend dinner plans?

  1. Takeout with a few friends sounds good to me
  2. Heading to the nearest brewery for good food and cornhole
  3. Scouting out restaurants in Back Bay or the Seaport
  4. Going out to dinner with my family

How do you get your work done?

  1. I approach one project at a time
  2. I get up and move around throughout the day to clear my head
  3. I like to talk through my work
  4. I go in with a plan and delegate accordingly

What’s your dream vacation?

  1. Let me sit on a beach and I’ll be happy
  2. Ziplining through a rainforest
  3. A tour of European cities
  4. A Caribbean cruise

If you got mostly 1’s: You prefer to see how your actions impact others and enjoy special one-on-one interactions. You should volunteer at a homeless shelter or hospital. At St. Francis House in the theater district, you can prepare meals, sort donations or help with mock interviews. At Boston Living Center in Back Bay, you can help with office work or coat check ins. Most Boston hospitals offer long-term volunteer opportunities.

If you got mostly 2’s: You’re ready to get up, get out and actively help others. You should run in your local charity run or volunteer at a local animal shelter. The Gobble Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving Race in Somerville raises money for Project Soup and Somerville Track PAC. The 2018 Jingle Bell Run raises money for the Arthritis Foundation. At MSPCA’s Boston Adoption Center in Jamaica Plain, you can help with cleaning, feeding and playing with animals.

If you got mostly 3’s: You’re always looking for a fun, new activity with friends. You should attend large events in Boston. Christmas in the City throws a gigantic holiday party for kids and their families who’ve been experiencing homelessness or poverty. Boston’s Biggest Disco at Royal Night Club is an evening filled with dancing, food and a live auction. All of the proceeds benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund.

If you got mostly 4’s: You’re task-oriented and a hard worker. Although you may have a lot on your plate, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved. Utilize your work ethic and management skills by initiating a company-wide food or clothing drive. Offer to help an organization close your heart with your expertise. Anything from graphic design to consulting can go a long way.

Disclaimer: This quiz should not limit you to any volunteer opportunities. Any of these opportunities would be a great experience for anyone looking to give back.