June 20th marks the 16th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWDay), and smart brands are starting to build social media buzz now. To honor TYDTWDay, Purina’s social media team dove into their Twitter history, revisiting conversations they had about Take Your Dog to Work Day last year and asking users how they plan to celebrating TYDTWDay this year.

Purina’s engagement tactic caught our eyes when they responded to a Twitter conversation they had almost a year ago with one of our Twitter handles (@SMHealthPR) and an employee:

Jun 16, 2014 12:48 pm: @SMCHealthPR @carolkerb We’re counting down the days until Take Your Dog To Work Day on June 20th! Is your coworker ready? #PetsAtWork

By restarting old exchanges with followers, Purina is strategically engaging with consumers to build relationships and spread the word about TYDTWDay. Purina is successfully leveraging the holiday because they’re interacting with their target audience – consumers who share their values of loving pets and enriching pets’ lives through quality care.

We applaud Purina for their social media strategy and are looking forward to celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day in our office on June 20. Check out our Pinterest board to get a sneak peek of our office guests!

Does your company have any fun plans to celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day? Share them in the comments below.