Pinterest is considered to be one of the largest social networks to date, but what you may not know is that it is also one of the best visual search engines in the game.

Unlike a regular search engine, Pins are categorized to make it easier for users to browse. Other search engines are based on finding exactly what people are looking for, but let’s face it; people don’t always know what they want to find. Pinterest inspires users to enjoy a feeling of self-discovery. For example, if you wanted to decorate your house, and you searched “house décor” you will find hundreds of image results that you never would have searched for specifically.

Similar to Google Maps, “Place Pins” are a new Pinterest feature that highlights a specific location with information that users find to be relevant. To make it easier for users to use these place pins, some are categorized in lists, like “Top European Destinations” and “Best U.S. Beaches”. Rather than having to search for a specific place, users can browse themes that interest them.

Searching “What should I cook for dinner?” will result in hundreds of great dinner images. Ironically, if you were to search in Google, you would get Pinterest as the top result.

The recently launched Guided Search feature triggers suggestions to help users specify what they are looking for. Brands can use Pinterest to show off their products and services or to engage with customers. Pinning your own content allows you to raise brand awareness and increase traffic to your website. Establish a brand personality by engaging with users through comments and re-pins. Try using the search engine aspect to your advantage by matching the description of your pins to what your content is so it will show up on the results page. The more often you pin, the more likely your pins will be seen by users.

What are you waiting for? Happy Pinning!