The demand for instant gratification is creating a whole new business model. Apps like Uber, Foodler, Favor and Zipcar are providing consumers with everything they need at the drop of a hat. All of these new tools are designed to make the consumer’s life easier and to reach them at a more personal level. The idea that you can get whatever you need with a few taps of a screen has evolved into more than just a convenient alternative—it is the new normal.

Our client, Breather, is a perfect example of this. A startup that offers private space on demand, Breather recently announced its official entry into the Greater Boston area—its fifth market launch. Now Bostonians and tourists can access their own quiet and independent spaces to do everything from hold a meeting to take a power nap.

Using the Breather app, customers can browse the available spaces and reserve the beautifully curated room of their choice. Upon arrival, customers then use the app to unlock the room and the rest is up to them. Breather is the on-demand workspace solution for everyone from a digital nomad, to entrepreneurs to even shoppers looking for a place to store their bags. In addition to Boston, Breather currently offers over 70 locations in cities including New York City, San Francisco, Montreal and Ottawa and it plans to add more in the coming months. I like to refer to Breather as the Zipcar of office space, available at the tap of a screen for whatever it is that you need to do.

Whether it’s a quiet on-demand office space, a door-to-door ride, or a late-night pizza delivery service, instant gratification apps are apparently here to stay.