This week, hundreds of voters gathered at the Boston Public Library for a gubernatorial forum on transportation and smart growth. Hosted by Transportation for Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance (and organized by Livable Streets and the Kendall Square Association), the forum was moderated by CommonWealth magazine's Paul McMorrow and Serrafix CEO Doug Foy.

Five of the eight candidates running for governor attended the two-hour forum that covered many issues that will determine the long-term competitiveness of Massachusetts. Joe Avellone, Don Berwick, Evan Falchuk, Steve Grossman and Jeff McCormick discussed everything from housing for Boomers and Millennials to how the candidates themselves use public transportation (including whether they personally owned a Charlie card). 

Much of the discussion focused on how the next Governor could leverage the state’s investments to create healthier, vibrant places that are rich in walking, biking, and public transportation options, as well as housing that is affordable for low and middle income families. The candidates also participated in a lively discussion about how best to reform our outdated zoning laws, build communities near transit stations and make our cities and towns more resilient to natural disasters like Super storm Sandy and other effects of global warming.

It was an enlightening conversation as the Democratic convention fast approaches and the candidates attempt to differentiate themselves from the field. While many of the candidates supported the same policies, they differed on how to enact–and pay–for them.

For more on these issues, you can read a briefing book written by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, or reread Tweets from the event with the hashtag #MovingMAForward.